Our Promise

You are important to us.
Each bag is individually handmade so it can be tailored to your style and needs.

The designs are beautifully simple.
Our bags are durable yet sophisticated and can be used in multiple ways. 

We focus on the details.
Uncompromising attention is paid to quality, construction and craftsmanship.

Our bags are made to be used.
Dirt is part of life. Our bags are all machine washable for simple and effective cleaning.

Sustainable & cruelty-free
Our products are vegan and designed to be reused for a long time.

We treat you like we would like to be treated.
With friendliness, patience, and respect. Happiness is guaranteed.

Life is wonderful. Live it to the fullest!


Julie Zink Owner of Tutenago with her family

Julie Zink, Owner & Creative Director