Quality and Craftsmanship

Our mission is to develop products with sustainable 
sophistication and functionality for everyday life.
The Fabric
Pre-testing is done on all the fabrics to make sure they can be washed. 
Before products are constructed, the fabrics are then pre-shrunk. Why is this important? It enables the final product to be washable without significant damage.
Each product is one of a kind. Every effort is made to make sure that each unique pattern placement is visually pleasing. Totes ordered in sets can have matching patterns. Please just specify this in the comment section.
The Nylon
Most of our nylons are waterproof adding durability. Nylon features are listed in the product description.  
The tote is strong because the nylon lining is one complete piece.  They will hold more then most people can carry.
The Ribbon
Ribbons are tested to ensure they hold up to washing and daily use.
Every effort is made to source ribbon made of recycled materials.  Ribbon content is noted in the product description.
The Stitching
Serging is done during the assembly process to ensure little to no fraying occurs when the totes are used and washed.
Stressed seams are triple sewn to provide durability.
Top stitching to match the thread to the fabrics, nylon and ribbon.
The Hardware
Quality hardware has been tested and chosen to ensure it withstands washing.
Only YKK zippers are used. This is a well established brand of very durable zippers.
The Waste
Every effort is made to reduce waste during production.
The larger pieces of fabric and nylon waste generated are used to make products that are donated to people in need.
The Guarantee
We stand behind our products quality and craftsmanship. All our product have a lifetime warranty.